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  1. To promote the common service interests of its members.
  2. To develop & promote proper work culture in the service.
  3. To safeguard the rights, privileges and interests of the members.
  4. To demand such rights and privileges as are necessary for securing the service interests of the members.
  5. To espouse or support a cause of a member when it relates to or is concerned with the service in general.
  6. To promote fellow feeling and inculcate a sense of fraternity amongst the members.
  7. To organize the members and to project to the Government their needsldemands for improvement of their conditions of service.
  8. To constitute a Welfare Fund to be utilized in the event of any exigency like death of a member or loss sustained by a member as a result of natural calamitylaccident.
  9. To appreciate and recognize the integrity and merit of the members.

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